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SOS Malawi – Children's village
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Our Family Strengthening Programme commonly known as FS works in conjunction with the local community partners  (CBOs). The FS supports disadvantaged families with family and community empowerment interventions in the four programmes which are located in  Mzuzu, Lilongwe Blantyre and Ngabu. 


The overall goal of the Family Strengthening Programme is to ensure that families, communities and government protect and promote the rights of children to grow in a caring family environment.

Strengthening families is of critical importance to the work of SOS Children’s Villages in general as we believe that regardless of their background, children should live in a family that will support them to reach their full potential.

The FS programme is currently being supported through the NORAD grant which was acquired in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Norway.

  • Through the FS programme, we are currently supporting 8000 children and young people as well as 2500 families in all our programmes and interventions include:
  • Parenting programmes
  • Psychosocial support
  • Economic Empowerment (VSLA)
  • Education support to vulnerable children
  • After school support programmes
  • Girl child education
  • Capacity building of public schools
SOS Children’s Villages strongly believes that a family environment is the most appropriate for a child to grow and develop.
Strategic programmes
Families supported
Children and young people supported
Community Based Organisations partnered
Houses built for vulnerable families
We are an affiliate member of SOS Children’s Villages International, and an independent child development Non-Governmental Organisation.

• We were founded by Hermein Gmeiner in 1949 to help children who had lost their families in the Second World War.

• We are currently working in 136 countries and territories around the globe.

• In Malawi we started our operations in Lilongwe in 1994. We expanded to Mzuzu in 2002, Blantyre in 2007 and Chikwawa, Ngabu in 2013.

Our Strategy


  • By 2030 we want to reach out to 16000 children and young people in Malawi – through innovative and community rooted child care and family strengthening programmes.
  • We will continue to support national efforts in preventing children from being separated from their families.
  • We will continue to be part of national care reforms – showcasing our extensive experience in the provision of care to the most vulnerable children.
Priority 1: Increase local relevance of our programmes
Priority 2: Grow and diversify income
Priority 3: Empower people and member associations
Priority 4: Build partnerships to scale-up our impact
Priority 5: Embrace digitalisation to boost our future readiness 



Between 2017 and 2030, SOS Children’s Villages International and its member associations including SOS Children’s Villages Malawi has set out to implement the Strategy 2030 (S2030) which has set out to achieve the following two main goals as follows:

  1. a) By 2030, we ensure that many more children have a loving home and an equal chance to succeed in life.
  2. b) By 2030, we lead the world’s most effective child-care movement to make sure “No child is born to grow up alone”

In order to drive our 2030 strategy, every year we develop a 3 year rolling a mid-term plan where we commit strategic actions leading us to achieve the different strategic objectives as follows;

 (a)Strategic Initiative I:  Innovate alternative care

The initiative is mainly aimed at driving organizational reforms within our SOS Families programmes (or SOS Family Based Care) to be aligned with the current legislative demands which promote frequent assessment of the children families  and early reintegration of children in their families.

SI I Objective

 501 children and young people receiving quality care in community integrated SOS families and other forms of alternative care by 2020


(b)Strategic Initiative II:  Strengthen families

The initiative is mainly aimed at driving more organizational focus on increasing our investment in prevention of family separation through implemeting Family Strengthening programmes (SOS FS).

SI II Objective

 65% of families providing a caring and resilient environment for equal development opportunities to 8000 children and young adults by 2020.


(c)Strategic Initiative III:  Empower young people

The strategic initiative looks at strengthening the care and employability of young people that are supported by our programme interventions mainly SOS FBC and SOS FS.

SI III Objective

70% of children and young people in our target are capacitated with quality education, professional trainings and skills development for self-reliance.

(d)Strategic Initiative IV: Advocate for children

The strategic initiative on advocacy will ensures that

  1. The organization builds its own capacity in advocacy
  2. Scale up advocacy work nationally with a focus on care and prevention
  • Focus on evidence-based advocacy work based on programme expertise
  1. Ensure participation and the active involvement of children and young people in advocacy.

SI IV Objective;

To contribute to the development, review and implementation of child-related laws and policies in Malawi by 2020.

(e)Strategic Initiative VI: Invest for funding growth

The strategic initiative on invest for funding growth focusses on

  1. Growing funding above market average
  2. Diversify into new markets
  • Making large strategic fundraising investments in high potential long term Return on Investments (ROI) markets
  1. Increasing governmental subsidies for domestic programmes.

SI IV Objective

 A well-branded and visible Organisation with sustained income growth from diversified sources in collaboration with partners by 2020.


News and Events



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