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Education facilities

  • As of December 2016, our education programmes offered through SOS education facilities (kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and vocational training Centre) reached an enrolment of 2,965 children and young people (1,479 males and 1,486 females)


CategoryBoysGirlsTotal% proportion
 Children from SOS families 182 148 33011
 Children from SOS FS 18 19 371
Children from the community1,2791,3192,59888
 Totals 1,479 1,486 2,965100

Our education facilities work in close collaboration with government; our relationship is mostly cemented through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Following education facility assessments in 2014, a recommendation was made to exit running of Kindergartens and VTC (and for these engage any willing private provider to run under a lease agreement); and to continue working with government under the current MOU (with responsibility to run being progressively given to government).

Education support through FS

  • As indicated earlier, the FS is currently supporting a total of 2674 girls and 3045 boys enrolled in various
  • primary schools, secondary schools and vocational/tertiary schools. Family Strengthening Programme has 3296 girls and 3045 boys who are of school going age. The programme is collaborating with 52 primary schools and 14 secondary schools in the implementation of educational support interventions within the 4 programmes.
  • So far the FS has reached out to over 250 youth and caregivers with both formal and informal Vocational skills. In 2016 speci cally, the FS reached out to a total of 28 girls and 29 boys with the vocational training skills.