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Care for me campaign

  • Through advocacy, we have been implementing the care for me! campaign since 2013, and the main goal of the campaign was to improve child care systems to ensure that all children in Malawi receive quality care.
  • Key achievements registered after the implementation of the care for me campaign include key reforms which government is currently pushing regarding general management and placement procedures as well as duration of stay in the institutional care.
  • We have also strengthened the capacity of co-workers and partners in advocacy and policy engagement in general

2. Development of comprehensive child policy

  • One of the key government priorities in recent years has been to ensure policies on children are harmonised. From 2016, SOS Children’s Villages Malawi took a leading role working with government through Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare to develop a comprehensive child policy in the country. Currently the policy is in draft form and waiting for senior government approval processes.

3. General advocacy on the rights of children in our target group.

  • We are also engaging different partners to advocate for improvements in current responses towards children in our target group.
  • For example, in December 2016, we engaged Members of Parliament to lobby for increased budgetary support to services that directly impact on children in our target group.
  • We also engage community structures through our FS interventions so that good practices are in place for children in our target group and others that are marginalized such as girls, women, and the disabled.